Wednesday, August 25, 2010

‘Koshali Meghaduta’ Book Inaugurated : Dr. Harekrishna Meher

'Koshali Meghaduta'  
(Complete Koshali Lyrical Translation of Sanskrit Gitikavya 
‘Meghadutam’ written by Poet Kalidasa)    
* Author : Dr. Harekrishna Meher 
Publisher : Trupti Prakashan, Bhubaneswar-2, Orissa.
First Edition : 2010 / Pages : 136
Price : Rupees 80/-
ISBN : 13 978-93-80758-03-9

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My ‘Koshali Meghaduta’ Book Inaugurated   
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Poet Gangadhara Meher (1862-1924), well known as ‘Prakriti-Kavi’, Poet of Nature in Oriya Literature, is one among the illustrious makers of Indian Literature. He is so popular poet in Orissa that his birth day is celebrated every year all over the state. He is very famous for his Ramayana-based epic poem ‘Tapasvini’ that treats of Queen Sita’s post-banishment episode in the hermitage of Sage Valmiki.

Under the auspices of State Level Swabhava-Kavi Gangadhara Meher Smruti Samiti, Barpali in collaboration with Balangir Bhulia Meher Samaj, Balangir, Orissa, the 149th Birth Day Celebration of Poet Gangadhara Meher was observed with much pomp and ceremony in Town Hall, Balangir on the sacred day Sravana Purnima, 24 August 2010.

In this Gangadhara Jayanti Function, Prof. Narayan Pruseth, President of the Smruti Samiti presided over the meeting. Prof. Dr. Dhrubaraj Naik, Former Vice-Chancellor of Sambalpur University, Sambalpur adorned the dias as Chief Guest. Dr. Harekrishna Meher, Sr.Reader and Head of the Department of Sanskrit, Government Autonomous College of Bhawanipatna delivered his speech as Chief Speaker on life and socially value-based immortal literary works of Poet Gangadhara.

World Sanskrit Day and Raksha Bandhan are also observed on Sravana Purnima Day. On this occasion, Koshali Meghaduta’ Book (Complete Koshali Lyrical Translation of Poet Kalidasa’s Sanskrit Gitikavya ‘Meghadutam’)
authored by Dr. Harekrishna Meher was inaugurated by the honourable Chief Guest Prof. Dhrubaraj Naik and it was appreciated by the learned audience.
This book is the first Koshali Translation of Meghaduta in Indian literature. 

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