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Daśarūpa-Gītikā: दशरूप-गीतिका : Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Daśarūpa-Gītikā (Song for the Ten-Incarnation God)
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)

* * *

(For protection of the world and for welfare of the creation,
Supreme God manifests His own self in various mortal forms.
Matsya, Kūrma, Varāha, Narasimha, Vāmana, Paraśurāma,
Śrīrāma, Balarāma, Buddha and Kalki, these ten incarnations
of the Almighty Supreme being are extolled in this lyric.)
= = = = = = =  

Om, Salutations to thee, Victory to thee.
O Ye Ten-Incarnation God !
For the safe establishment of righteousness
in the world, you have discus shining
in your hand that severs all the evils. (0)
You, the Supreme omnipotent Lord,
killing the demon Śańkha, preserve
the Vedic scriptures of Brahmā, the Creator.  
With divine excellence, you Fish-Incarnate,
rejoice in dissolution caused by the overflow
of great unsurpassable vast oceans.
Salutations to thee. (1)
At the time of churning the ocean,
you bear on your back  
the great mountain Mandara
wisely placed by the deities and the demons.
O Tortoise-Incarnation !
Thy noble deed in this aquatic form
renders welfare of the world.
All the kinnaras, nāgas and human beings 
are pleased with thy form.
Salutations to thee. (2) 
The process of worldly creation
should be protected safely.  
So the Earth merged 
in the unfathomable waters
finds refuge in the tip of teeth
of your Boar-Incarnation that holds
the movable and the immovable beings
and that is adored by the people.
Salutations to thee. (3) 
You infuse great delight in the mind
of your dear devotee Prahlāda.
You tear the heart of the demon-king Hiraņyakaśipu
with your sharp-pointed nails
destroying evils in your Man-Lion- Incarnation.
For protection of your devotee,
you are the slayer of the wicked.
Salutations to thee. (4)  
O Dwarf-Incarnation !
You are the saviour of the gods of heaven.
You press down the demon-king Bali
into the abyss of the nether world
under the pretext of begging
three-feet land as a gift from him.
The great among the great,
You pervade the three regions with your feet.
Salutations to thee. (5) 
You wander all over the world  
twenty-one times and  
kill the wicked Kshatriya warriors.
Having an excellent axe in your hand,
You, the great terrible warrior,
eradicate the wild evils
in your Paraśurāma-Incarnation.
Salutations to thee. (6) 
O Lord ŚrīRāma, the Consort of Sītā !
O Crest-jewel of the dynasty of King Raghu !
O Subduer of the demons such as Khara and Dushaņa !
O Ye, the giver of fearlessness to Vibhīshaņa !
O Ye, the terrible one in killing the demon-king Rāvaņa !
Thy glory is designed in the battle of Lańkā  
waged with thy sin-destroying bow and arrow.
Salutations to thee. (7) 
O Balarāma-Incarnation
embellished with blue attires !
Commendable is thy celebrity
having slain the demon Pralamba
and having pierced the river Yamunā.
All the evils fly away while you hold
the auspicious plough and bow in your hands.
Sweet voice of Kŗishņa,
the slayer of the demon Madhu,
is accompanied with thyself.
Salutations to thee. (8) 
Your preaching against violence
and animal-sacrifice renders peace  
and well-being of the people.
O Buddha, the Enlightened One !
Everyone follows thy noble quality
in the flow of compassion, affection and love,
effulgent with thy heartiest feelings for others.
Salutations to thee. (9) 
O Kalki-Incarnation !
You hold the great sword  
scintillating with the fire of virtues
and exterminate the unbearable vices
in the horrible age of Kali,
wherein the roarings of the wicked
form great fevers to the society.
Salutations to thee. (10)  
May thy auspicious eternal mercy
render wellbeing on the holy occasion of this prayer
with songs composed by Harekrishna Meher.
May my mind always be engrossed in thyself,   
the Consort of Goddess Lakshmī.
O Ten-Incarnation God !
Salutations and victory to thee. (11)  

* * *

(Thus ends Daśarūpa-Gītikā)
= = = = = = = = = =

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