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Tapasvini Kavya (Complete Hindi-English-Sanskrit Versions): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Original Oriya Mahakavya ‘TAPASVINI’
By : Poet Gangadhara Meher (1862-1924).
Complete Tri-Lingual Translations
into Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages
By : Dr. Harekrishna Meher.
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[All Eleven Cantos have been taken here from the Books.]
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Tapasvinī, an eleven-canto Oriya epic poem, is the magnum opus and a great classic of Poet Gańgādhara Meher. With the prevailing sentiment of Pathos, this kāvya depicts the post-banishment episode of Sītā in the hermitage of Sage Vālmīki. Here Sītā, the adorable daughter of Earth and the devoted wife of King Rāma, in her later life appears as a Tapasvinī, ‘A Woman practising penance’ or ‘An Ascetic-maid’. In this Rāmāyana-based literary composition, the poetic presentation is well-embellished with originality and significant innovations. Like Kālidāsa in Sanskrit and William Wordsworth in English, Gańgādhara Meher is regarded as Prakŗti-Kavi, Poet
of Nature, in Oriya literature. 

This epic poem reveals the ambition of the poet to portray the brilliant character of a devoted wife steeped in Indian culture. With vivid and prominent delineation of Sītā’s life-deeds, ‘Tapasvinī Kāvya' may be construed as a ‘Sītāyana’ in the field of Indian Literature.
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Poet Gangadhar Meher’s Tapasvini’ Mahakavya :
Complete Sanskrit Version By Dr. Harekrishna Meher :  
Publisher : Parimal Publications, Shakti Nagar, Delhi.
Entire Book : Fully Scanned 240 Pages :  
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