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पर्यावरण-गीतिका : Paryavarana-Gitika (Sanskrit Song of Environment): डॉ. हरेकृष्ण-मेहेरः

‘Paryāvaraṇa-Gītikā’ (Song of Environment)
Lyrics and Tuning By : Dr. Harekrishna Meher 
(Extracted from Sanskrit Gitikavya ‘Pushpāñjali-Vichitrā’) 
रचना तथा स्वर-संयोजना : डॉ. हरेकृष्ण-मेहेरः 
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शाश्वतम्,  प्रकृति-मानव-सङ्गतम्
सङ्गतं खलु शाश्वतम्
तत्त्व-सर्वं धारकं   
शाश्वतम्, प्रकृति-मानव-सङ्गतम् (ध्रुवम्)
सन्ति निरतं जीव-जगतां  प्राण-दाने,
तरु-लतानां विविध-वर्गाः  शं दधाने
सर्वमास्ते  जन-हितार्थं संहतम्
क्षति प्रकृतिः सती
सौख्य-राशिं तन्वती 
वन्य-सम्पद्  क्षणीया सन्ततम्  
शाश्वतम्, प्रकृति-मानव-सङ्गतम् ()  
भातु पर्यावरणममलं  दिग्विताने,
यातु हिंसा ध्वंसमचिरं  सन्निधाने
अवतु पवनो  मुक्त-गगनं
दुर्नयानां  पर्व यातु पराहतम्
हार्दिकी  सद्‍भावना 
हन्तु सर्वं  वैर-वर्वर-पर्वतम्
शाश्वतम्, प्रकृति-मानव-सङ्गतम् (
शान्ति-मन्त्रो जयतु नितरां  सौम्य-गाने,
प्रेम-गङ्गा वहतु सुजला  ऐक्य-ताने
निवसतु सुखं  विश्व-जनता
लीयतां ननु  दनुज-घनता,
दिव्य-तेजो भातु भव्यमनारतम्
प्राणिनां  संवेदना       
वर्धतां शुभकामना
भातु सत्यं  सुन्दरं शिव-सम्मतम्
शाश्वतम्, प्रकृति-मानव-सङ्गतम् () 
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(गीतिकेयं प्रायः दीपचन्दी-तालस्य अथवा रूपक-तालस्य
मध्य-लयेन परिवेषणीया )
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(English Translation by the Author Harekrishna Meher) 
(Song of Environment)
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Eternal is the relationship 
between Nature and human beings.
The relationship is eternal.
All the elements of water, wind, sky,
fire and earth are verily the holders
and nourishers of creatures.(0)

Various kinds of trees and creepers
are always engrossed in giving life
and in the matters offering welfare
to the world of animate beings.
Forests, mountains, rivers,
animals and birds, further
nights, days, seasons, Moon and Sun, 
all are unitedly engaged 
for the well-being of the people.
Nature auspiciously protects
and bestows all sorts of pleasures.
So all the beings that are wealth
of the forest regions must be
always protected properly.
Eternal is the relationship
between Nature and human beings. (1)

May the environment shine neat and
pollution-free in all the spheres of directions.
May the violence be annihilated soon
in the presence of noble deeds.
May the air protect open firmament
and spread in the houses
with cleanliness and fragrance.
May the series of corruptions
be defeated and eradicated.
May the hearty fellow-feelings
filled with affections and friendship
destroy the mount of cruelty and enmity.
Eternal is the relationship
between Nature and human beings. (2)  

May the incantation of peace
be victorious  reverberating   
with calm and comely singing.
May River Ganga of love and affections
flow affluent with sacred water
spreading sweet tune
of unity and harmony among all.
Let all the people live in happiness. 
Let the demonical attributes be slain.
May the divine splendour
excellently scintillate all the moments.
Let the compassionate feelings and
sincere hearty wishes attain growth.
May Truth, Beauty and Auspiciousness
pervade shining  for ever.
Eternal is the relationship
between Nature and human beings. (3)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
(This Song can be performed with Dīpacandī or 
Rūpaka Tāla in Madhya Laya.)  
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[Published in 'Kavya-Sanjivani' (Anthology of Sanskrit Poems),  
ISBN: 978-81-907997-3-7, Volume.1/2015, 
Post-Graduate Department of Sanskrit, 
Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.] 
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