Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nominated as a Member of Orissa Sahitya Akademi

Harekrishna Meher, a Member of Orissa Sahitya Akademi
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Dr. Harekrishna Meher has been nominated as a Member of General Council to the Orissa Sahitya Akademi (OSA), Bhubaneswar, from Nuapada district of Orissa State for a period of three calendar years. A notification to this effect has been issued by the Tourism and Culture (Culture) Department, Government of Orissa. (No. 61/ TC, Dated 11- 1 -2011).
In this regard, letter has also been received by Dr. Meher from Orissa Sahitya Akademi. [No.198 (34) OSA / Dated 3- 2-2011].

The first Meeting of General Council of the Akademi was held on 7th March 2011 at Bhanja Kala Mandap in the campus of OSA. Dr. Ramachandra Behera, President of OSA and Dr. Bijay Kumar Nayak, Secretary of OSA were on the dais. All official members, members from all districts of Orissa and members from Universities attended the meeting. Dr. Harekrishna Meher, as a Member of the General Council, actively participated in the meeting and there eight persons eminent in the field of Oriya literature were elected in their individual capacity by the General Council.
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