Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kavi-Gītikā (कवि-गीतिका): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Kavi-Gītikā (Song for the Poet)
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
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(Features of subtle thinking and transcendental vision of the poet
are delineated in this lyric. Divine thunderbolt bows down before his pen.
His writings succulent with nine sentiments
enlighten the hearts of the people.)
= = = = =

Immortal poet thou art.
Great poet thou art.
Forming profuse emotions,
thy excellence bears a splendid,
soft and lucid portrait.
Immortal poet thou art. (0)
Thy creation is endowed with the novelty
of nine sentiments, is excellent
with the attribute of learning  
and is apt to be served beautifully.
The creation further comprises
fair and distinct words, surpasses the gold,
bears leaves expanded excellently and is eternal.
Thou art the scintillating Sun
dispelling the darkness of nescience. (1)
Yours is the Goddess of Learning (Sarasvati)
with splendid appearance,
with sweet high lilts
and with the gift of boon.
She further bestows the aroma
of memorable poetic creation,
which is favourite to the relisher
of sentiments and is not easily
attainable in the mundane region.
There in the goddess,
regular oblation is the inertia. (2)
May the couch of thy poetic genius
that alleviates delusion,
perceives the events beyond present,
forms splendid illustration,
remains unhindered,
bears greatness in the world
and is like a mountain of flowers,
bestow well-being to the people.
Thou art the beauteous bird
flying freely in the firmament
of epical compositions. (3)
In quest of truth,
In the receptacle of scriptures,
In the principle of poetic creation,
Thou art Prajāpati, the Creator.
Thy auspicious intellect
is charming with poetic canon,
is apt to be deliberated
and is adorable in the world.
Thunderbolt of heaven bows down
before thy powerful pen. (4)
Yours is the aesthetical supreme excellence
that forms repository of prosody,
bears the flow of sentiments,
commands appreciation of the world,
possesses the virtue of ambrosia,
is candid with poetic colour
and emanates auspiciousness.
The sylvan site of thy words
is easily accessible with charming avenues. (5)
Thy poetry, a delicate maiden, possesses
sweet voice and enormous riches of wisdom.
She is bent upon the sacrifice
in compliance with the liking of age.
She has novel and fresh affections,
has several divisions of limbs
and has the expansion of leaf-like hands.
Worthy is thy status among the wise. (6)
Thy poetic art has marvellous achievements,
has experiences of life for ever,
forms the main source replete with sentiments,
bears  the barque of ink,
is commended by the learned people
and is endowed with splendour and comeliness.
Verily you have the scintillating light
of Kalidasa and Bharavi.
Immortal and great poet thou art. (7)

* * * * 

(Thus ends Kavi-Gītikā)
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