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Bhārata-Bhāratī-Gītikā (भारत-भारती-गीतिका): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Bhārata-Bhāratī-Gītikā (Song for the Indian Language)
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
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(In this lyric, Sanskrit language, literature and tradition are portrayed.
Bereft of Sanskrit, Indian culture bears no importance or significance.
Sanskrit, the unique language, is ever-new glory of our country.)
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Victory to our Motherland Bhārata-varsha.
Victory to Sanskrit, the Language of Bhārata,
the Language of the Vedas,
the Language of the people. (0)
Entire literature excellent by comprising
all the scriptures of learning
is the unending divine wealth that eternally shines
with the great genius of India.
In this world, thus has emerged 
the essence of our civilization.
Victory to Sanskrit, the popular language of India,
that eradicates all the evils.  (1)
Here shines the sacred Sanskrit in which
were written the Rāmāyaņa by Sage Vālmīki
and the Mahābhārata by Sage Vyāsa.
Sanskrit has the riches of glory
of illuminating culture.
Great poet Kālidāsa also resorted to this language
for his innovations in epics and dramas.
In this language, the excellent epic
of humanism is propagated
by the learned thinkers.
Victory to the Indian Language Sanskrit
that contains the nectar of
Srimad-Bhagavad-Gita, the Song Divine. (2)
This Language is beyond time,
bears the gems of arts and
forms the auspicious garland of letters.
As new as ever, she is devoid of foes.
She forms the language of gods
and offers all kinds of welfare.
Brilliant and illustrious fame
of this language is widely spread
all over the worldly regions.
Victory to the popular Indian language
that gladdens the mind of the noble. (3)
The structure of Sanskrit
has a pure systematic design.
This language is nectarine and a virtuous flow.
She is the mother of Indian languages,
is blessed with own sentiments and so opulent.
She is widely pronounced by the scholars
of both eastern and western countries.
Victory to the Indian Language verily
appreciated by the great personalities. (4)
Sanskrit is popularly announced by the land of Aryas.
She gladdens the hearts of connoisseurs.
This is the celebrated head language
that preaches peace and equality.
She has always borne the vow of friendship
in respect of national integration.
Victory to the popular Indian language
ever-remembered with the feelings of fraternity.
Long live the immortal Sanskrit. (5)
* * * * * 
(Thus ends Bhārata-Bhāratī-Gītikā)
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Original Sanskrit : Bharata-Bharati-Gitika:
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Complete ‘Matrigitikanjalih’ Kavya :

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