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Sanskrit Song: Praņayinī-Gītikā (English Version): Dr. Harekrishna Meher

Praņayinī-Gītikā (Song of the Beloved Maiden)  
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
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 (This love-lyric of the beloved addressed to the lover
depicts couple of various aspects with observations of several
metaphors and imageries. Novel ideas have been touched upon
with the popular ones. Divine love is delineated in transcendental sphere).
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I am lovely gesture.
I am lulling lass.
I am the swing wafting with love. (0)
You are Spring, the Season-king,
while myself Cuckoo-Cooing.
I am Rati, the Banner of
Kandarpa (Cupid), yourself.
You are Moon and I am Night.
You are Sun and I am your beloved Lotus.
Having my lap adorned with dalliance,
I am Golden Lightning
thrilling in Cloud, thyself. (1)
You are Tree and I am
your beloved Creeper.
You are Zephyr, while I am
your charming Aroma.
I am Blueness embraced by Sky, thyself.
I am Void and you are Full.
You are Flower and I am Sweet Smile
in the form of efflorescence.
With thy touch, my comely cheeks
enjoy delicate horripillations. (2)
You are Youth and myself Sportive Spirit.
You are Pathos and I am Suffering.
O Ye Flamingo swimming sweetly 
in the Lake of Myself !
O Ye Pendent Jewel of My Crest !
I am the attracting inviting Song
sprung up by Tune, thyself. (3)
You are Hari, Supreme God,
and  I am your charming Lakshmī,
Goddess of Beauty and Wealth.
I am Śachī resplendent with Indra,
Lord of heaven, thyself.
I am Mūrtti (Body) and you are Atman (Soul).
I am Sāvitrī and you are my Satyavān.
You are Krishna and I am Rādhikā,
thy beloved worshipper
enchanted with divine delight. (4)
I am Fortitude united with Dedication, thyself.
Expectation I am and Solace you are.
Myself Māyā (Divine Power)
and yourself Īśvara (Almighty God).  
You are Destiny and myself Inevitable Happening.
I am beloved Svāhā with purifying hands
having strong affinity of Fire, thyself. (5)  
You are Mind and myself Thinking.
Noble Endeavour you are
and Perseverance I am.
You are Free and I am Fatter.  
Thyself Heart and myself Throbbing.
I am Vibhakti (Case-Termination)
having intimate relationship  
with Kāraka (Grammatical Case), thyself.
I am Ink with emblem of Pen, thyself. (6)
You are Joyous Festival
and I am Social Noble Custom.
You are Rainbow and I am
Multi-Colour Maiden.
You are Śrāvaņa Month and
myself Rain-Shower having store-house
adorned with sentiment. (7)
You are Ornament and I am Comeliness.
I am Lamp endowed with Lustre, thyself.
You are Truth and I am Eternity.
Thyself Mathematics, while myself Number.
You are Anuprāsa (Alliteration) properly set
and myself the nice Pada-Lālitī (Grace of Diction). (8)  
You are Iron and myself Magnet.
Milk you are and Water I am.
You are Good Writing and I am Book.  
You are Day and I am Date.
I am Prakŗiti (Original Verb-Root)
and you are my Pratyaya (Grammatical Affix). (9)
You are Samādhi (Meditation)
and I am Ekāgratā (One-pointedness).
I am Śraddhā (Faith) and
yourself Viśvāsa (Confidence).
You are Life and I am Consciousness.
I am Kalpanā (Imagination)
united with Svapna (Dream), thyself.
You are Samaya (Time) and I am
your comely companion Gati (Motion-Maiden)
 swinging rhythmically. (10)
Myself Mirror, while yourself Reflection.
You are Supreme Voice and I am Pervasion.
You are Country and I am your beloved Culture.
You are Om Chant and I am
Your Vyāhŗiti (Bhuh, Bhuvah, Svah).
You are Rāma, the great king
of Raghu’s dynasty and myself Sītā,
offering garland with heartiest love.
I am lovely gesture and lulling lass. (11)
= = = = = =
(Thus ends Praņayinī-Gītikā)
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Praņayinī-Gītikā (8): प्रणयिनी-गीतिका :
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Complete ‘Matrigitikanjalih’ Kavya: 
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