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Śakti-Gītikā (शक्ति-गीतिका): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Śakti-Gītikā (Song for the Divine Power)
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’ 
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
= = = = = =
(A devotional prayer with invocation to the Goddess of Power
is depicted in this lyric. May the Goddess bestow inner strength
and energy to discard difficulties for the weal of all.)
= = = = = = = =

Salutations and victory to Thee,
O Mother Goddess Durgā !
You are the saviour from all distress and calamities.
You are supremely illustrious and fair Gaurī.
You form the auspicious flow
characterized with three guņas. (0)
O Mother of the worlds !
I always perceive Thee omnipresent.
You are Śarvāņī (wife of Śarva, Śiva);
You are also Śrī (Lakshmī) and Vāņī (Sarasvatī).
Boon-handed, you are the giver of happiness.  
Enchanting One, you are the slayer
of the demon Mahisha.
You  have lion for conveyance.
Kindly obliterate all the inertia and evils. (1)
You are the Prime Power,
the succour of the resorted.
You are lotus-eyed. O Narāyaņi !
You are beauteous with divine ornaments
and are destroyer of fears.
With sweet smiling,
you are the chastiser of the wicked.
Please grant auspiciousness
and tear down the evil ideas
of the mundane beings. (2)
You are Māyā (Yogic Power) of God Hari.
Extremely comely Goddess,
you are also Rudrāņī in battle.
You are destroyer of sins.
You are Chaņdikā granting welfare to the people.
Kindly generate godly energy in our hearts.
O Bhavāni ! please exterminate
the diabolic ideas and beings. (3)
The Power of Sun-god, you are Gāyatrī,
the dispeller of darkness and gloomy thoughts.
You are Bhdra-Kālikā,
the auspicious goddess with fierce figure.
You are Māņikeśvarī, the Goddess of Jewels.  
You are the sustainer of the universe.
Be kind enough to burn the evil doings
of the worldly creatures.
Wielder of trident, you are
endowed with great vigour.
You are Śraddhā, pure faith.
You are the half-body of Śiva
who is famous as Ardha-Nārīśvara. (4)
O Kātyāyani ! You are
well-worshipped with sincere devotion.
You are Goddess Sambaleśvarī.
You are the Supreme Mother, invincible.
You are known as Haimavatī,
the daughter of the mountain-king Himālaya.
You have the divine appearance
supremely scintillating, compassionate and delightful.
Please spread your lustres
to eradicate the mundane gloom. (5)
Deign to annihilate the vices of heinous forms
that are surpassed with difficulty.
Please destroy dejections
caused on bad days,
and also quell the burden of quarrels.
Yourself, nectar of wisdom,
holder of weapons
and embodiment of success,
please enlighten and meliorate
the earth beauteously. (6)
Please make all the worlds
filled with truth, beauty and bliss.
Kindly establish peace, confer cheerfulness
and give inner strength.
Salutations to Thee, O Mother !
Be compassionate to sprinkle
thy divine grace for the uplift
of the mundane beings.
Victory to Thee,
O Mother Goddess Durgā !
You are the saviour from all calamities. (7)
= = = = = =
(Thus ends Śakti-Gītikā)
= = = = = = = = = = 

Śakti-Gītikā (Sanskrit):  
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Complete ‘Matrigitikanjalih’ Kavya: 

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