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Sanskrit Song : Nava-Varsha-Gitika (Song of New Year) / Harekrishna Meher


गीति-रचना तथा स्वर-रचना : डा. हरेकृष्ण-मेहेरः

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शुभं भवतु नववर्षम्,

सौख्यमयं निरामयं

वितरतु परमं हर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम्,

नववर्षम्, नववर्षम् ॥ (ध्रुवम्)


हृदय-मन्दिरे प्रेम-ज्योति-र्विराजताम्,

मनोऽरविन्दं विन्दतु विमलं सुन्दरताम् ।

सुचिन्तनं चिरन्तनं

हरतु विषाद-विमर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ॥ (१)


प्रसरतु सत्कवि-भावुक-विकसित-सुप्रतिभा,

अम्बर-तलेऽपि सम्बल-विलसित-दिव्य-विभा ।

साभ्युदयं वराभयं

तनोतु सकलोत्कर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ॥ (२)


प्रदिशतु दिशि दिशि मधु-सन्देशं सुमञ्जुलम्,

शकुन्त-गीतं सकुसुम-फल-तरु-लता-कुलम् ।

अनाविलं शुचि सलिलं

शमयतु जगतां तर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ॥ (३)


परिमल-मरुतो रमयतु मर्त्त्यं चराचरम्,

दूषण-रहितो वातु सर्वतो नितन्तरम् ।

समुज्ज्वले विश्व-तले

तिरयतु कलुषामर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ॥ (४)


धृत-पर्जन्या रमतां धन्या वसुन्धरा,

प्रशस्य-शस्या वन्य-वैभवै रत्नभरा ।

फलत्वलं समङ्गलं

दृढ़मैक्यं दुर्धर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ॥ (५)


शान्ति-पेशलं ज्ञान-कौशलं शोकहरम्,

प्रभवतु भुवने जन-हित-साधन-कर्मकरम् ।

व्रतं परं परस्परं

निवारयतु सङ्घर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ॥ (६)


सन्नय-मार्गे प्रसन्न-भाग्ये स्व-निर्भरम्,

राष्ट्रिय-संहति-मन्त्रोद्‍गाने पुण्यभरम् ।

रुचि-रुचिरं जयतु चिरं

सुरभित-भारतवर्षम् ।

शुभं भवतु नववर्षम् ।

नववर्षम्, नववर्षम् ॥ (७)


(इयं गीतिका कहरवा-ताल-मध्य-लयेन परिवेषणीया ।)


My English Translation :


(Song of New Year : Shubham Bhavatu Navavarsham)

( Best compliments, noble thoughts and activities, sacred blessings of Nature,

pollution-free environment and all-round prosperity of the world are depicted here.)


May the New Year be auspicious.

May the New Year confer on us supreme bliss

with happiness and diseaselessness. (0)


May the light of love be brilliantly kindled

in the temples of all the hearts.

May the lucid lotus of mind

bear excellent comeliness.

May noble thoughts perpetually eradicate

all dejections and depressions. (1)


In the New Year, may the noble calibre

emerging from noble poets and thinkers expand.

Even under the firmament,

this calibre forms divine effulgence

enlighted with the wealth of learning.

May the calibre bestow prosperity,

fearless boon and all kinds of

brilliant achievements. (2)


In every direction

may the pleasant cooings of birds

herald sweet tidings of the riches

of flowers, fruits,trees and creepers.

May the lucid and clear water

quench thirst of the mundane creatures.(3)


May the fragrant zephyr gladden

all the worldly beings.

Devoid of pollution, may it blow from all sides

and discard all evils with envies

in the enlightened universe. (4)


May the Earth rejoice and be blessed

with fortune by bearing timely rainfall;

also be opulent with excellent profuse corns

and be full of jewels along with sylvan riches.

May the robust infallible unity among the people

be fruitful with well-being. (5)


May the dexterous technique of knowledge

removing all sufferings

and beauteously conferring peace,

be prolific in the world

by rendering welfare to the people.

May the great vow eradicate

all conflicts and collisions. (6)


Self-dependent in the path of right policy,

with propitiated fortune

and virtuous with the vibrant incantation

of national integration,

may the Motherland Bharatavarsha,

fragrant, resplendent and beautiful,

remain ever-victorious.

May the New Year be auspicious. (7)


(Thus ends Navavarsha-Gitika)*


[ The Song presented above is extracted from

My Original Sanskrit Giti-Kavya ' Matrigitikanjalih '

Published by Kalahandi Lekhak Kala Parishad, Bhawanipatna, Orissa, India, 1997 ]

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