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Nārī-Gītikā (नारी-गीतिका)/ HKMeher

गीत-रचना तथा स्वर-संयोजना : डॉ. हरेकृष्ण-मेहेरः
(‘मातृगीतिकाञ्जलिः’- काव्यात्)
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सा नारी,
निरुपमा सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा,
विजयिनी सुकुमारी
चारु-शुभ्र-मधु-विभ्रमा ।
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (ध्रुवम्)
कन्या भगिनी दयिता मधुरा सा रमणी,
जननी गृहिणी लोक-धारिणी सार-मणी ।
तरला शान्ता
सरला कान्ता
स्वयम्भु-सम्भव-सम्भ्रमा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (१)
बलीयसी सा देवी-रूपा महीयसी,
विश्‍व-विधातुः सौम्या रचना गरीयसी ।
प्रेममयी सा
हेममयी सा
मोहित-साचल-जङ्गमा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (२)
सा कथमबला ? सा चिर-सबला कीर्त्तिमती ।
सुकोमला सा
सञ्चालित-पद-विक्रमा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (३)
भुवन-वरेण्य़ा लावण्यमयी पुण्य-लता,
सन्तप्त-हृदां प्रमदा ललिता शीतलता ।
स्निग्धा छाया
राग-रङ्ग-रस-सङ्गमा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (४)
लक्ष्मी-प्रतिमा सूक्ष्म-कला सा दिव्य-फला,
ईश्‍वरताया स्वस्ति-दर्शना समुज्ज्वला ।
काऽपि न जगतां तत्समा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (५)
नारी-निर्यातना समाजे महाव्यथा,
घोर-जघन्या कलङ्क-युत-यौतुक-प्रथा ।
रीति-र्विषमय-निर्ममा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (६)
रूप्यक-हार्या न भवतु बर्बर-दुर्वसना,
समवतु साऽर्या निज-मर्यादां सचेतना ।
चरतु सुचरिता
मर्दित-कुसङ्ग-कर्दमा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (७)
माऽस्तु दुर्गतिः प्रगति-नाम्ना निम्न-गतिः,
निवारयतु सा कुनीति-निकरं शुद्ध-मतिः ।
भवतु सत्कृतौ
महिला सुविहित-संयमा ।
सा नारी
निरुपमा सा मनोरमा ॥ (८)

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(इयं नारी-गीतिका कहरवा-तालस्य त्रितालस्य वा मध्य-लयेन परिवेषणीया ।)
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Nārī-Gītikā (Song for Woman)
Lyrics & Tuning by : Dr. Harekrishna Meher 

(Extracted from ‘ Mātŗigītikāñjalih- Kāvya of the Author)

English Translation by the Author
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Incomparable is the woman.
Charming, victorious and delicate she is.
She bears comely fair and sweet gestures. (0)

Blessed is she in the form of daughter,
sister, beloved wife, mother
and mistress of household activities.
She is the sustainer of creatures.
She is the great effulgent gem.
She is quivering, tranquil, naïve and beauteous,
possessing the respectable excellence from the Creator. (1)

She is the powerful form of revered goddess.
She is the great and comely creation
of the creator of the universe.
A golden figure, she is replete with love.
She maddens all the beings,
movable as well as immovable. (2)

She is the embodiment of affection,
compassion and fortitude.
How can she be weak ?
She is verily ever-vigorous and glorious.
Soft-formed having the dalliance of lotus,
she has strong steps forging ahead. (3)

She is adorable in the world.
She is the virtue-creeper bearing all comeliness.
She is the graceful and juicy coolness
for the hearts scorched with the heat of love.
She is compassionate cool shade,
also the enchanting illusion.
She bears the admixture of rufescence of passion,
colour of charm and flow of sentiments. (4)

She is the form of Lakshmī,
the Goddess of Beauty and Wealth.
She is the subtle art of divine fruit.
She is resplendent with sacred vision of godhood.
In the gaze of others’ eyes,
nothing of the world can be like her
in the process of creation. (5)

Oppression to woman is really
a great torment in the human society.
Terribly heinous is the stained system of dowry.
This trend, poisonously merciless,
offered by the ignoble satans
must be destroyed completely. (6)

Let not her be clad in wild and filthy costumes
and be taken away by mere money.
May the conscious and honourable lady
keep her own dignity.
May she forge ahead with noble behaviours
and filled with good inclinations,
having trampled down the mud of bad associates. (7)

Let not be the adversity and downfall
in the name of modern advancement.
With purified inner heart,
may she wipe away the evil principles.
In the virtuous path of oriental culture,
may she, the gentle lady, worthy of worship,
be well-behaved with proper status and restraint.
She is incomparable and charming. (8)
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(Thus ends Nārī-Gītikā, the Song for Woman)
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