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Mātŗi-Gītikā (मातृगीतिका): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Mātŗi-Gītikā  (Song for the Mother)
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
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(In this patriotic lyric, the glorious civilization, natural beauty,
cultural harmony, opulent literature, national integration,
philanthropic attitude and other like aspects
 of our Motherland India are distinctly delineated.)
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Victory to our Mother,
native-land Bhārata, the excellent country.
Victory to our adorable Bhārata, 
the beauteous and ambrosial land. (0)
This eternal country of Bhārata is rich in green fields,
is the wish-fulfilling compassionate cow,
is gem-wombed and is the effulgent
heavenly creeper Kalpa-Vallī.
Giving sportive pleasure,
she has the ornaments of Vindhya mountains,
has the girdle of oceans
and the crest of the Himalayas.  
Along with the charming Gańgā, here flow
Yamunā, Mahānadī, Narmadā and other rivers.  
This significant sacred land of deeds and penance
is adorned with the riches of Nature. (1)
This land, the abode of auspiciousness,
bears profuse wealth and excellence.
It gives tears in the eyes of those
who form inimical attitude.
It is the repository of splendid arts and learning.
Elixir of cultural unity is accumulated here.
Writings of great poets of this land,
that are sacred and graceful with artistic colour,
bestow well-being and happiness for all.
Lilts of triumph for the world of love sweetly ring
in the hearts of the learned ones. (2)
The glorious civilization of our country
expresses prosperity and enhances
the honour of well-behaviour.
Herein shines divine novelty.
Here is the scriptural wisdom conferring
four supreme achievements of life.
The spiritual essence is celebrated all over the world.
In the prime incantation of Bhārata,
Truth alone triumphs and never untruth. (3)
This Motherland of ours is well-embellished,
is worshipped by great personalities and warrior heroes.
She bears the celebrity of oriental identity
and is nobly opulent with eminent genius and intellectuals.
Despite diversity of languages, costumes, adorning features,
social norms and behaviours, here scintillates
the illustrious single nationality.  
All of us are the offspring of one mother
and here equality of brotherhood is established. (4)
This vast land possesses great vigour
with own resources and wealth.
Resplendent it is with the light of knowledge,
has the noble strength of peace and non-violence,
also is affluent with dedication and service to all.
Bearing the tri-colour national flag, our Bhāratavarsha
enlightened by the seers and sages
is worshipped and is honoured as sovereign
and democratic with own excellence.
Here the chain of unity, friendship
and fellow-feeling is fostered by tradition. (5)
The sacred maxim ‘All world is one family’ 
is the pioneering principle and it forms
the sky-kissing magnet attracting the minds of all.
Here the eternal voice honouring humanitarianism
is endowed with greatness, is replete with love,
is golden-lettered and well-uttered.
In this land, the glory forming sweet fragrance
of universal friendship prevails everywhere.
Victory to our Motherland Bhārata,
the excellent country of beauty and immortality. (6)
= = = = =
(Thus ends Mātŗi-Gītikā)
= = = = = = = = = = 
Mātŗi-Gītikā : मातृगीतिका :
Complete ‘Matrigitikanjalih’ Kavya: 
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