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Sanskrit Song प्रबोध-गीतिका: Prabodha-Gītikā' (English Version): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Prabodha-Gītikā (Song of Enlightenment)
(Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’)
English Translation by the Author  Dr. Harekrishna Meher
(This lyric is addressed to the human being for his self-awareness.
Greatness of human life in maintained with a sense of self-realisation)
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O Man !  In the mortal physical body,
do have noble feelings
which destroy sufferings,
as the ornament of your heart.
In the sea of worldly circle,
The name of God Hari is the sole resort. (0)
All beings in the world are endowed
with three gunas sattva, raja and tamas.
Prakriti (Primordial Matter) is entangled
in Purusha (Self), so is Purusha in Prakriti.
Give up suspicion, shine your divine luster,
discard lethargy, attain peace and do deliberate.
In the mortal body, while the fever of inertia is gone,
overthrow the veil of illusion
and try to know of your birth. (1)
Friendship and affection should be cultivated.
Noble humanism should be deliberated constantly.
Behold the light and display the glory of virtues.
Destroy the distress of complexities
which has deceived the mundane people.
O Man ! In your body embellished
with greatness and replete with love,
always sanctify your inner sense
that scatters the light of penance. (2) 
The wicked with low mind
are engrossed in guile and deceit.
They are busy in afflicting others.
Cultivate the knowledge of theistic trend
in accordance with justice.
Having pacified anger,
practise to purify own self.
In your body perforated with worldly evils,
Perform auspicious and righteous deeds
spreading the fame of goodness. (3)
Rare are the noble and high-hearted people
who drink poison for the welfare of others.
Think about the universal novel deed
and glorify the unselfish and proper activity. 
In your body that forms blissful flow,
spread the flood of sweet ambrosia
alleviating all the evils. (4)
Annihilate the fruits of worldly enjoyments
along with your own ego.
Also destroy the emitting of violence
and inimical attitude from your mind.
Have affinity with the noble ones
and refine the lap of mundane land.
Avoid the break of self-control
and the bodily wave.
In this body destructible in a moment,
take resort to the sacred feet
of a noble preceptor, that protect the self. (5)
In the core of the mind, existence
of the divine supreme being
as well as the greatness of mundane birth
replete with Him should be retained.
Bow down to Govinda and make
a quest of Him, the first root of all.
Fill your heart with supreme bliss
discarding all misconceptions.
O Man !  In your good body
that diffuses effulgence,
certainly you’ll conquer death
and worldly rotations.
Noble name of God Hari is the sole refuge. (6)
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(Thus ends Prabodha-Gītikā)
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Prabodha-Gītikā (6): प्रबोध-गीतिका : 

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Complete ‘Matrigitikanjalih’ Kavya: 
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