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Sanskrit Song: Praņayi-Gītikā (English Version): Dr.Harekrishna Meher

Praņayi-Gītikā (Song of the Lover)
Extracted from Sanskrit Kāvya ‘Mātŗigītikāñjalih’
(English Translation by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
= = = = = =
(This love-lyric is addressed to the beloved maiden by the lover.
As in ‘Praņayinī-Gītikā’, here various metaphors and imageries are
illustrated for love the couple from various view-points, such as Vedic,
mythological, scriptural, epical, rhetorical, philosophical, philological,
grammatical, natural, spiritual, empirical, social, musical, physical,
mental, cultural, traditional etc., and above all transcendental.)
= = = = = = =

Lovely gesture you are.
Lulling lass you are.
You are the swing wafting with love. (0)
I am Purusha, the Prime Self,
O ! You are Prakŗiti, the Primordial Matter,
juvenile and giver of love.
You are my auspicious spouse and friend.
You are Earth and I am Firmament.
I am sea with tranquil posture
and you River murmuring with sweet waves. (1)
You are Ŗik, the Vedic Chant  
and myself Sāma, the Vedic Song.
I am Dhvani (Suggested Sense)
and you are the beauteous
Vyañjanā (Suggestive Word-Power).
I am Overflow of Inner Feeling
and yourself Poetry emerged anew.
You are Sweet Word longing for the dear
and clad in attire embosomed by Meaning, myself. (2)
You are my beloved pretty sweetheart Kāmāyanī,
while I am Manu, the first man of human creation.
I am Dushyanta (Hero of the Sākuntala drama of Kālidāsa)
and yourself Śakuntalā, the beauteous
heroine bearing lovely locks.
You are the maddening Damayantī,
Princess of Vidarbha country,
with hearty affections conferred by myself,
Naishadha (Nala, the king of Nishadha country
and hero of the epic Naishadhacharita of Śrīharsha. (3)
You are the effulgent Vāsavadattā,
Princess of Ujjayinī, abiding in the heart of myself,
Udayana, King of Vatsa country.
You are the distinct illustrious Lajjā (Bashfulness),
while myself Sammāna (Reverence).
I am Art and you are Skill.
I am Taste and yourself Sweetness,
lovable and deeply drenched.  (4)
I am Eye and you are my Pupil.
I am Finger and yourself Sacred Ring.
Myself Anklet and you are Sweet Jingling.
I am Rāga (Musical Mode)
and you my beloved Rāgiņī.
Myself Horizon and yourself Dawn,
pretty, pink and devoted. (5)
I am Courage and you are Inspiration.
I am Samyama (Restraint) and
You are Dhāraņā (Steadfastness).
I am Sage Atri and yourself my beloved Anasūyā,
the great devoted and revered lady.
I am Hariśchandra, King of Ayodhyā,
and you are my Śaivyā, the devoted queen.
You are River Yamunā
bearing Gangetic Water, myself. (6)
I am Wisdom and you are Sanctity.
Myself scintillating Savitŗ (Sun)
and you are Gāyatrī, my divine potency.
I am Samskāra (Impression) and
You are Smŗiti (Remembrance).
Myself Kāvya-guņa (Poetic Constituent)
rejoice in Rīti (Poetic Style).
You are Hulahuli (the sweet wavering sound
of female tongue on holy occasions), swinging
with the sonorous sacred Conch-Blowing, myself. (7)
I am Plant and yourself Medicine.
I am Conscience and you are Noble Idea.
You are beloved Fortune
united with Right Policy, myself.
I am Mental Resolve and yourself Noble Deed.  
I am Association and you are Unity.
You are Delusion wavering with Darkness, myself. (8)
You are Pramā (Right Apprehension)
and myself Pramāņa (Proof).
You are Fertile Soil united with Seed, myself.
I am Tāla (Musical Measuring Beat), while
You are Mūrchchhanā (Regulated Melody).
I am Sandal and yourself Coolness.
I am Himalaya Mountain and you are
Vast Forest  maintaining the mass of snows. (9)
I am Crystal and you are Transparency.
Myself Best Achievement
and yourself, the appreciated Celebrity.
I am History and you are Tradition.
You are Prajñā (Intellect),
while myself Ŗita (Eternal Reality).
I am Sattva Guņa and you are
my lustrous Whiteness.
Yourself Bhūti (Opulence)
enjoying with Victory, myself. (10)
I am Sāńkhya Philosophy,
while you are Yoga System.
Myself Tapas (Austerity) and
You are Siddhi (Exalted Success).
Yourself  Peace shining with Bliss, myself.
I am Brahman and you are Upanishad  
elucidating philosophical speculations.
I am Vinaya (Modesty) and yourself Bhakti (Devotion).
I am Śiva (Auspicious Supreme Lord) and
You are my Śakti (Divine Supreme Energy)
verily pervading the whole world.
You are lovely gesture and lulling lass. (11).
= = = = = =  
(Thus ends Praņayi-Gītikā)
= = = = = = = = = = 
Praņayi-Gītikā (9): प्रणयि-गीतिका :
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Complete ‘Matrigitikanjalih’ Kavya: 

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